• Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) is a highly collegial group that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement of critical care research in Canada.
  • Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    The CCCTG has are more than 30 research programs underway and over 100 peer-reviewed publications to its credit, with direct impact on clinical practice in critical care.
  • Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) is a national organization of more than 300 individuals with research interests in the management of the critically ill patient.
  • Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
    Endorsement by the CCCTG communicates our full commitment to ensure that the work is undertaken in a rigorous and ethical manner, and communicated in a timely and effective way.

Research Coordinators Group (CCCRCG)

The main objective of the Canadian Critical Care Research Coordinators Group (CCCRCG) is to create networking opportunities and foster local and national collaboration between Critical Care Research Coordinators.

About the CCCRCG

The CCCRCG is a sub-group of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) and was established in June 2004. Membership is comprised of Research Coordinators from across Canada, who work primarily in Critical Care Research. CCCRCG members consist of Research Coordinators who work with adult and pediatric populations.

The goals of the CCCRCG are to:

1- Create networking opportunities and foster local and national collaboration between Critical Care Research Coordinators
2- Develop opportunities for professional growth and development and create a venue for continuing education to meet the needs of Critical Care Research Coordinators in Canada
3- Provide peer support to Critical Care Research Coordinators
4- Promote the vital role of the Critical Care Research Coordinator in Clinical Trials
5- Support and facilitate the aims of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG)
6- Lead research initiatives of interest to the CCCRCG membership and of relevance to the critical care population

How do I become a member of the CCCRCG?

In order to become a member of the CCCRCG, you must be a member of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. The membership cost for Research Coordinators is $75.00 annually. If you would like to join, please complete the Membership Form. Membership is open to Research Coordinators currently working within the Critical Care environment in Canada. Any Critical Care Research Coordinator who is a member of the CCCTG is automatically a member of the CCCRCG.

Is membership in the CCCRCG for me?

Through the support of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, we offer annual workshops geared towards providing professional development and networking opportunities for Research Coordinators working in this highly specialized area. In addition, members are provided with support for their own research initiatives and are welcome to attend any of the meetings of the CCCTG.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact any member of the Executive below:

Dori-Ann Martin (co-Chair)
Katie O'Hearn (co-Chair)
Lucy Clayton 
Mary-Ellen French
Amanda Martyniuk
Rebecca Porteus
Karla Krewulak


CCCRCG Workshops

This one day workshop takes place on an annual basis and provides critical care Research Coordinators with the opportunity to participate in education sessions specific to the work that we do. The workshop is scheduled to occur in conjunction with one of the CCCTG Meetings. Some of the evaluation comments received at previous workshops:

“Well put together, enjoyed the day! Very informative. Lots to bring back to my site and incorporate”
“Very great day full of knowledge”
“The breaks facilitated communication and idea-sharing between other RCs across Canada”

The next CCCRCG Workshop will be on Monday, May 30th at the Hotel Nelligan in Montreal, in conjunction with the CCCTG Spring Scientific Meeting. Virtual registration is available until May 25th via the members-only Meeting Page. For more information, please contact Katie O'Hearn or Dori-Ann Martin 

► CCCRCG 2022 Spring Workshop Agenda (PDF)

See last year's CCCRCG Workshop related documents below:

Workshop Registration

To register, please go to the members-only CCCTG Spring 2022 Meeting Page.

There will be no registration cost for CCCRCG members. If you are not a member of the CCCTG, please fill our the Membership Form to join.

CCCRCG Funding Opportunities

The CCCRCG Research Grant

The CCCRCG Research Grant has been established to provide funds to support the research activities of research coordinators who are members of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG). As funding permits, the CCCTG expects to fund two grants of up to $2,500 each for a research study that directly relates to the practice of critical care.

Click here to read the CCCRCG Research Grant 2022 program description and download the application form here. Click here for the budget template and Reviewer's Evaluation Form. The application deadline for the CCCRCG Research Grant 2022 is 5pm EDT on Friday, October 14, 2022.   

For further information about this research funding opportunity, please contact Dori-Ann Martin or Katie O'Hearn.

The CCCRCG Travel Award

Through the CCCRCG Travel Award, we seek to emphasize the importance of developing our research coordinators and to encourage coordinators to attend the annual Workshop and CCCTG/CCCTBG Meetings.

As funding permits, the total amount available for this funding opportunity is $7,500 per year (divided amongst the Winter, Spring and Fall Meetings). The CCCTG hopes to provide 5 awards annually. The highest amount for a single award is $1,000.

Eligibility: Applicant must be a research coordinator member of the CCCTG. Please see how to join

Conditions for funding: The applicant must have confirmation from a supervisor/decision-maker at their institution that the applicant will be supported to attend the Spring 2022 CCCTG Scientific Meeting (i.e. time off, assumption of travel costs not covered by the grant, etc.).

Please click here to download the application form. The application deadline for the Spring 2022 CCCRCG Travel Award is 5pm EST Friday April 15, 2022.  

For further information about this Award, please contact Dori-Ann Martin or Katie O'Hearn.