• Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs
    Le Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs (CCCTG) est un groupe collaboratif voué à la poursuite de l’excellence et à l’avancement de la recherche en soins intensifs au Canada.
  • Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs
    Plus de 30 programmes de recherche sont en cours au CCCTG et plus de 100 articles évalués par les pairs ont été publiés, toujours avec répercussions directes sur la pratique clinique en soins intensifs.
  • Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs
    Le Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs (CCCTG) est un organisme national de plus 300 membres intéressés à la recherche sur la prise en charge des patients gravement malades.
  • Groupe canadien de recherche en soins intensifs
    Le soutien du CCCTG indique son engagement formel à s’assurer que la recherche sera entreprise avec rigueur et éthique et communiquée en temps opportun, de manière efficace.

Intervention de recherche rapide pour contribuer aux efforts mondiaux visant à endiguer l'éclosion d

TOUTES NOS FÉLICITATIONS aux Drs Jeanna Parsons Leigh et Srinivas Murthy!

CIHR announces on March 6, 2020 that Nominated Principal Investigator Jeanna Parsons Leigh and Srinivas Murthy are recipients of a COVID19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity.

As COVID-19 spreads globally, the World Health Organization, national governments, and health networks are working to keep the public informed with accurate and up-to-date information. However, the sharing of false information continues to have a negative impact on how people and communities are responding to the outbreak. Widespread fear, discrimination, and misuse of health services are just some examples of how misinformation has negatively impacted communities.  A better understanding of the social and cultural factors contributing to public knowledge and perceptions of COVID-19 are needed to support the development of evidence-informed strategies to combat misinformation, stigma and fear. Upon seeing the public reaction to COVID-19, Dr. Parsons Leigh recognized the unique opportunity to conduct a research study that centers on understanding public perceptions and associated implications of COVID-19 to develop strategies to close identified knowledge gaps. Dr. Parsons Leigh and her coleagues are working with members of the public, clinicians and researchers from across the country to combat misinformation, stigma and fear around COVID-19. The ultimate goal of this research project is to educate, engage and empower members of the public to be informed stewards of their health during the current and future infectious disease outbreaks.

Alongside a large team of investigators across the CCCTG and the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (AMMI), Dr. Murthy will lead a series of studies will be performed of hospitalized patients of all ages with COVID19. First, building on the established SPRINT-SARI work, an observational study of infected patients will continue to better characterize this new disease. Second, a hospital-wide trial of antivirals in patients infected with COVID19 is being organized. This will provide the first evidence for treatment of infected patients, evaluating whether a commonly used anti-HIV medication can be repurposed for treating patients with COVID19, performed in conjunction with the World Health Organization as part of a global, coordinated effort to better understand how to best manage this new disease. In addition, REMAP-CAP will enroll the severely ill patients in participating sites in an adaptive platform trial evaluating a series of interventions, including antivirals, steroids, and immunomodulators, to determine what is the best strategy of care for severely ill patients with COVID19.